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About Us

The idea of Odrillion Gems was serendipity at its best.

The idea of OdrillionGems came into being almost a year before it was established when during one of the foreign trips, we saw a beautiful blue colored gemstone on the beach. Since we always had a passion for collecting gems, it was the 'eureka moment' for us. We decided that a gem that is as beautiful as this one should be made available to everyone. Starting with creating jewelry with this gemstone appeared to be the best idea, which eventually grew into more than a hundred varieties of the same. The idea was highly appreciated. We got an overwhelming response from the market and the support of our family and friends in establishing OdrillionGems.



We established OdrillionGems to provide quality and satisfaction to customer. We wanted to reach every gemstone enthusiast worldwide.


We chose jewelry, cabochons and rough as a source to make these gemstones available to the world. This is because we always wanted to reach the maximum number of people who could appreciate them. Had it been only the gemstones and not the gemstone jewelry, it would limit our reach, and we never wanted this. This also led us to the idea of being retailer and to be authentic, we decided to manufacture the jewelry and cabochons ourselves. The optimistic approach paved our way to becoming one of the best and most trusted manufacturers and retailers


This optimism and dedication still prevail in the company's culture after all these years.

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About Us: About Us
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